Spiderman XXX
Spiderman XXX
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Peter Parker picked with his pecker a bunch of perfect pussy;
Parker’s peter entered perfect pussy that Peter Parker picked;
If Peter Parker picked with his pecker a perfect pussy,
Where is the peck of perfect pussy Peter Parker picked?

I will tell you where it is!  It is a patch of pussy caught in a web of cum featuring Spiderman XXX: A Porn Parody directed by porn parody master Axel Braun!!!!!  Everybody loves a good parody!  Why not add porn into the mix for porn parody perfection!

If you are true nerd, you know that Spiderman uses his “spider sense” to combat his foes.  However, in the XXX version of Spiderman he uses this “spider sense” to not only fight crime, but, find and conquer pussy!  If we could all have this kind of “spider sense” we would all be sitting pretty inside a perfect pussy!  What about Spiderman’s “web shooters” you ask?  Well, his “web shooters” are webs of cum that trap every vixen ready for the taking!  Facials are included.

I know when you are looking for a good fix for your peter—you really don’t care about plot.  However, Spiderman XXX has it all!  In this grand tail, Spiderman has to save the city from the evil menace of Electro and The Kingpin.  You ask— what will Peter Parker do?  You should really be asking—whom will he do?  To do? Or not to do?  Is not the question on Parker’s mind!  He will do!!!  It is skill to watch Peter Parker know how to park his pecker in a patch of pussy, because not only does Parker have a big hard task ahead of him—he has to choose between Gwen and Mary Jane.  In addition, he has all the other women who are ready for Parker’s glorious peter!  Including, fighting off the evil Black Widow!  How will he resist?  The only way to find out is to watch Spiderman XXX: A Porn Parody!!!

Spiderman was a nerd transformed into a pussy magnet!  Spiderman XXX is the only way to see what Spiderman should be doing with his awesome powers!  This is a must see—Don’t wait!  Don’t miss Spiderman XXX!  Watch it now—it is at your fingertips!  I know this is how you really imagined Spiderman. 

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